Stones #1 – The Beginning


This year we’ve again traveled the Corsica Island to spend our summer vacation in our trusty rusty old trailer (or Caravanne, as the Corsicans call it

Check out post #0 for some impressions of the place.

As usual, there ware loads of great people on the campground. Our neighbors William and Azra for example.

They’d waited for our arrival, especially my daughter’s. Being both non-mainstream creative guys, they already had a little present for her: A student’s small set of acrylics paint tubes with 3 paintbrushes. Azra had used a same set to paint some stones with the Corsican national symbol, the “Moro”, as well as other patterns.

I cannot say how much I want to thank them, for that got my creative juices going straight away, and the same day I sat down with my daughter at the camping table and started to put some color on a couple of river stones.

The First Acrylic on the Rocks

Below is the first one of these, which I gladly gave to Azra as my way of showing my gratuity to her and the Universe which made great things happen again. Think what you want, that’s just the way I see things 🙂



Birthday Presents

With two birthdays coming up, I had a great opportunity to hone my skills and in the meantime create two very individual birthday presents.

Both are relatively small, being roughly 7cm in diameter (about 3 inches).

graph_stone_IMG_7710 graph_stone_IMG_7711 graph_stone_IMG_7713 graph_stone_IMG_7712 graph_stone_IMG_7714

Peeping Tom

I also did a little lizard peeping out from an imaginary hole in a rock, but must say that this one looks weird in a way. Maybe the shadows don’t match or the stone was too absorbent.

peeping tom peeping tom close

Nice for starters. But now I wanted to make my paintings of little animals more realistic, and that’s when it really got flowing. Check out the other posts!

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