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Great Colored Shark

Here is another project that came out of my Random Acts of Kindness / Mindfulness mindset.

Welded Wing

A little while ago I decided to transform some metal scrapings to something nicer.

Jewelry Gift Box

Just stumbled over this tiny item I made for my wife last Christmas.

Horse Saddle Stool

My daughter loves horseback riding. And since a Horseback saddle chair was on my (would-love-) to-do list for a while now,

Marriage Helpers

As with Valentines Day, the annual Wedding Day is something one better tries to remember. To me this has many similarities with …

Valentines Heart

Valentines Day. As hearts are always welcome on that day, I decided to give Bon Jovi’s great song “Bed or Roses” a go.

Wedding Box

When two people get married in Switzerland, there is a tradition of giving them some kind of box where memorable items relating …

NERF Gun Mod

I’ve always been fascinated by the numerous modded NERF guns to be found on the net. Coupled with my passion for used …

Painted Lizard

Sometimes I like to just paint or decorate things without really creating them beforehand. This was the case with the lizard you …

Fist of Steel

A steel fist made of die-cut leftovers from manufacturing large water-cooled electric motors. The fist was arc welded and the welded to …

Valentines Chocolates

Valentines Day. Every year the quest for another nice surprise is on. Great for crafters like me 🙂 This Time it had …