Stones #3 – For William

spear and catcher 2

Ok, on we go with the next one. I needed to do something else than animals and, as fate would have it, that occasion came up quickly.

Because of it’s creative spark it is part of all my “Stones”-posts, so here it goes:
Thanks to my dear friends Azra and William I got hold of a kids acrylic paint set in this years vacation on the Island of Corsica (see last post for more). Without this I’d probably never started creating these works.
I cannot thank you guys enough!

Our neighbors were leaving the next day, and I wanted to make William a present too.

He’s a great admirer of the North American Natives’ cultures as well as very dedicated and engaged in their preservation. He has an Iroquois hair cut year round, camps in a tipi, has a little dog and takes lengthy topless walks armed only with the dog, his walking stick and a hat.

spear and catcher 3
So I went for some Native American stuff on a flat sediment stone. The image below is turned in a way that the actual shadows don’t match the painted ones so you can see how they are applied.

spear and catcher

Please bear with me if you’re an expert on the matter and find neither the color scheme nor the detail of the dream catcher and spear is accurate.

spear and catcher detail spear and catcher detail
That particular kind of stone turned out to be quite different to paint on. The surface absorbed the applied color much more quickly than the other stones I had used before, which made painting (especially for the shadows) quite difficult.

On the other hand the darker background made colors stand out more and helped with the smooth integration of the shadows.
Stone size is approximately 25 cm high, 18cm wide and 8 cm thick (10 x 7 x 2.5 inches)

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