Ultramarina Office Sweets

Another present for somebody leaving our company…

This one was done for my dear colleague Marina. Since she left at the same time as the guy I made Happy Hipster Hockey Monk sweets jar, I went with a similar design for Marina.

Keep in mind that I always do these things in my private spare time and not while on paid business hours. That way nobody has a way to add another “great idea” (which come rarely anyway) and I can do things my way. The downside is that… yeah, it’s in my private spare time. So sometimes I try to take a mild shortcut as with this one. I used a tried and proven label layout.
So I went to one of my fave second hand stores to look for a big glass jar and found this one with a blue top. Perfect, I thought, as her name (Marina) went great with the color (ultramarine).
So there I was left with finding some wording and ideas matching her personality. And here it is: Ultramarina Office Sweets, the original Marina sweets jar.

I think she could use that stuff very well at her next job, maybe also made leaving behind the people she liked a little easier.

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