Maettu’s Oil Cans – Birthday Present

When a gearhead turns 50…

After I realized, that my good friend Maettu was turning 50 soon (actually it a week before his birthday) I immediately thought of designing him a special oil can. As he loves US cars that are about his age, I was happy to have a fake metal oil canister and two large beers at hand to create a vintage inspired gift. First I designed the labels for the oil canister and the beer cans.

The canister is actually a present box which you can open from the top. The beer cans are quite huge, they hold 1 quart (1 liter) of Danish beer :-). Perfect for an oil can.  Next I checked out various liquor stores for shot sized liquor bottles that have the color of engine oil. These then all got their own label.

The screw top had a design with two eyes, and I didn’t want that, so I covered the top with black sharpie.

Now, in order for the little bottles not to rattle around in the oil canister I needed something to hold them in place. I therefore built some kind of drawer out of insulation foam.

That way one now can lift off the top of the canister and slide the drawer out upwards. Als always with this kind of projects, it was a lot of fun doing it. Also the surprise effect when opening the canister and having the oily booze bottles appear was priceless 🙂

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