Dr. Karg’s Ring Pull Tin

A handmade cure-all for font aficionados…

When one of my work colleagues, who was very much into type and fonts, quit his job with our company, I had the perfect goodbye present in mind.

A personalized ring pull tin can with a hand-lettered label.
First I drew some sketches in my moleskine sketch book in search for funny phrasing and words around font creation and type stuff.

Also his Last Name (Karg) had to be incorporated. Since I wanted the whole thing to have a hand drawn look, I took a picture of my sketch, sized it up and printed it on my ink jet printer. This printout was then used as a template for lettering whole thing on a semitransparent drawing paper.

I still have some of these papers from my apprenticeship as a draftsman about 40 years ago, and they’re still usable. It may look a little wobbly with inconsistent line thicknesses etc., but that also was part of the intended design.

The lettered drawing paper was then scanned and assembled in Adobe Illustrator with instructions and copyright text.

After I had the whole thing printed I wanted to have some golden accents on the label to make it look a bit more like it could have been done in the 1920s. I did that with a fine brush and golden T-shirt paint (I didn’t have anything else at hand…).

The content I put into the can remains secret, but once Jona opens it, it all makes perfect sense with the label 🙂

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