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Pumphana Pumpkin

Some times I’d like to do a quick and small pumpkin, not like the usual ones that take 3 to 4 hours.

Scream Pumpkin

The Viking pumpkin was a great size to work at, so I wanted to do another biggie.

Viking Pumpkin

The viking was a big again one for a change. This guy really needs to visit a hair saloon. And I loved …

Starfish Pumpkin

The Starfish Pumpkin (November 2013) was created as a surprise display at my current employer’s entry hall. Our Company logo contains a …

Goblin Pumpkin

I did this guy in 2009. A little more advanced than the 2006 one. Maybe that’s from the others I did in …

Pumpkin Carving

  Admiring great carved pumpkins is one thing. Trying to get something that somehow resembles the guru’s stuff is something else. Especially …