Stones #4 – The Frog


On with the frog now, after the creepy spiders and roaches.

Because of it’s creative spark it is part of all my “Stones”-posts, so here it goes:
Thanks to my dear friends Azra and William I got hold of a kids acrylic paint set in this years vacation on the Island of Corsica (see last post for more). Without this I’d probably never started creating these works.
I cannot thank you guys enough!

Although the creepers look very good indeed, there were also requests for some “nicer” animals.

In particular by my wife, who thought a frog would be a fine addition.

The Blue Chicken

I went for a small blue rain forest frog about 2 1/2 cm (1 inch) long. Which turned out horrible… it looked like a diminished version off a blue baked chicken. See for yourself…


It’s actually not really worth putting it up either, but I still wanted it to appear in order to encourage all the people thinking “oh, how come he can just paint this way?” Getting to what’s on display always produces pieces turning out crappy, which are therefore usually hidden from the public.

If you think stone painting is a great thing,  just give it a try and don’t give up if it looks like a blue chicken.

Kiss Me, I’m a Prince

As you can see, frog number two is already a step further.


Although there still may be room for some improvement. For example did I choose a stone that’s slightly too uneven, which I at first thought would help with the amphibious surface of the frog’s skin.

frog closeup
To me this surface looks weird on the frog’s legs or the rim of the silhouette, where the coarseness shouldn’t be that large and uniform if it were a real animal. But then that’s maybe just me and my perfectionism.

Stone size is approximately 25 cm in diameter (10 inches), the frog is roughly 4cm (about 1.5 inches)

Anyway, that was enough with frogs, so I moved back on to the lizards.

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