About me

my name is Marco Trevissoi and I’m running this site.

It’s been a while since the last major update (almost a decade). And now you have it: My shiny new personal site. And since it it’s a personal site, you will find very little stuff relating to my current daily occupation here.

To give you a rough idea about who fills this site with hopefully interesting content, here’s a brief rundown on my passions:

I love rust, vintage stuff, vintage gadgets, modern gadgets, graphics, vintage transportation, traveling, being nice to people, languages, funny things, crafting, music and my family. Cooking, baking and sewing too.
And of course snakes.

I also love languages and speaking/writing them, being it German, French, Italian or English. Although being a native German/Italian speaker, my fave is definitely English. For those being put off by the English only nature of my site I have added a German version as well just rently, just switch it in the upper menu bar.

To give you an idea about my dislikes: I hate being creative when I feel forced to, dislike people being braggers/cheaters/liars and I get the creeps from wooden ice pop sticks. I really do.

Not necessarily in that order, and there sure are things not mentioned, but you’ll probably figure out the missing parts as soon as you start exploring this site.

Enjoy the place and leave a message if you feel like it.
Be nice. Or not. It will get back to you either way.