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Driftwood Fish

I got this piece of driftwood from our friends Brigitte and Helmut in Corsica.

Driftwood Dog

When I found this driftwood branch, I immediately saw the dog head in it.

Piranha Pumpkin

Some times I’d like to do a quick and small pumpkin, not like the usual ones that take 3 to 4 hours.

Dirftwood Rastabird

Anther one waiting to be uncovered. You probably know how it is when you watch the clouds and see animals, faces or …

Driftwood Turkey

This piece of driftwood has been waiting for me at the beach in Corsica.

Driftwood windlight

A small tea light lamp that came together from a nice piece of driftwood and some rusty metal findings from the beach.

Jewelry Gift Box

Just stumbled over this tiny item I made for my wife last Christmas.

Horse Saddle Stool

My daughter loves horseback riding. And since a Horseback saddle chair was on my (would-love-) to-do list for a while now,

The beginning..

Yesterday my brother sent me some images of a model car I did when I was 10 or 12 years old. Funny …

Ring Pull Tin #1

Guess you’ve heard that before on this site: In my opinion a present should be recocnisable as a present already in the …

iPhone 6 case #1

A new iPhone means a new case. The quest for the perfect rusty case goes on…

Scream Pumpkin

The Viking pumpkin was a great size to work at, so I wanted to do another biggie.

Viking Pumpkin

The viking was a big again one for a change. This guy really needs to visit a hair saloon. And I loved …

iPhone 5 case #5

Here’s case number 5. Because the other cases I used always looked a bit crappy (to me at least) after the coating …

iPhone 5 case #4

This case started with a mistakenly ordered iPhone 5 case for my son’s iPhone 4 from (they had the same design …

iPhone 5 case #3

iPhone case #3 is actually an updated version of case #2. I didn’t like the colors of it after a while, so …