Stones #5 – Lizards again


After the frog I felt like painting something that’s more suited to hot beach and river border stones. So back to the lizards it was.

Because of it’s creative spark it is part of all my “Stones”-posts, so here it goes:
Thanks to my dear friends Azra and William I got hold of a kids acrylic paint set in this years vacation on the Island of Corsica (see last post for more). Without this I’d probably never started creating these works.
I cannot thank you guys enough!

The Perfect Blue Lizard

I went with a blue lizard, for my beloved wife had requested something blue for displaying in the living room (after all the green and brown animals).

blue lizard setting

This has become my favorite painting so far.

The perspective, highlights and shadow turned out so real that people looked at it and wondered why it wasn’t moving (of course that was before I’d signed the stone).

blue lizard close blue lizard detail

Also the rock structure was perfect, being slightly coarse but not too much, like it was the case with the frog.

Snacking Blue Lizard

Blue actually seems to go quite well for lizards, so I used a stone with an interestingly sloped shape to do another one. Stone size is approx 6 cm  by 14 cm and 6 cm thick (2.5 x 5.5 x 2.5 inches).

blue lizard 2

This time the lizard comes up and over a small crest, just moments before eating a snack ant. It’s maybe a little hard to actually see the fold of the stone in the view it’s supposed to being looked at shadow-wise. So below are some other view angles to better see this.

blue lizard 2 blue lizard 2

And some closeups.

blue lizard 2 detail blue lizard 2 ant

Tiny Baby Lizard

With my sister in mind (who likes small presents more than large dust collectors) I then did this tiny baby lizard, on a flat stone only 5 cm (2 inches) wide.

baby lizard

To do this I had to thin out the finest 00-brush I had so it looked almost bald. Note the nice structure of the stone. The stone color also goes great with the green of the lizard.

The Red Joker

Finally another reddish lizard had to come alive (I made a promise to paint one for someone who’s not going to get it right now, so no names for the time being).

red lizard

It’s intended to be more of a funny guy than a hyper realistic animal.

red lizard detail red lizard detail

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