Stones #2 – Getting Real

spider solo

After some initial pieces I wanted to get more realistic shape-, color-, highlight- and shadow-wise. I started with some creepers.

Because of it’s creative spark it is part of all my “Stones”-posts, so here it goes:
Thanks to my dear friends Azra and William I got hold of a kids acrylic paint set in this years vacation on the Island of Corsica (see last post for more). Without this I’d probably never started creating these works.
I cannot thank you guys enough!

Itsy Bitsy Spider

spider solo detail

I like the way the shadow turned out here. It’s funny  to see the stone go really dark with the extremely thinned down color and then rapidly drying up in the sun, leaving only a hint of gray.

Still this looks kinda empty. So I added some fleeing ants. Looking at that spider, if I were an ant, I’d probably run too!

ants and spider  spider ants detail2
Stone size is approximately 15 cm high, 12cm wide and 6 cm thick (6 x 5 x 2.5 inches)

Preparing Lunch

The next one came out similar, it’s called “Lunch”, for the nasty spider has already something cooking in his yellow slime trap, as the last one was still hunting them ants.
With this spider stone I like the way I was able to incorporate the broken off and differently colored structure of the rock, making the spider really look as it it was hiding behind a rim for his tasty friends.

Lunch lunch detail
Stone size is approximately 14 cm high, 10 cm wide and 4 cm thick (5.5 x 4 x 1.5 inches)

Everybody’s Favorite Pest

What’s a good assortment of creepers without a cockroach and a centipede? Nothing I guess, so here you go.

cockroachcockroach detail

Stone sizes are approximately 8 cm high,  15 cm wide and 5 cm thick (3 x 6 x 2 inches)

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