Stones #6 – Lady Beetle

Acrylics on the Rocks

Doing so many amphibians, there had to be something different now. I didn’t want to do another insect like a cockroach or a hornet, but rather something that people look at and think “oh, that’s kinda cute”. But still it had to be a little creepy.

Because of it’s creative spark it is part of all my “Stones”-posts, so here it goes:
Thanks to my dear friends Azra and William I got hold of a kids acrylic paint set in this years vacation on the Island of Corsica (see last post for more). Without this I’d probably never started creating these works.
I cannot thank you guys enough!

The Lady Beetle

What better suits these needs of cute (like a lady bug) and creepy (like a skeleton beetle) than a Lady Beetle? Well, nothing I guess.

lady beetle

After trying out various rocks I went for this interestingly colored piece. I love the structure and various kinds of oxidation.

 lady beetle

Rock ≠ Rock

Size of the beetle is roughly 2cm  by 1.5 cm (0.7 x 0.4 inches).
Stone size is approximately 6 cm by 6 cm, about 5 cm thick.

Well, it was, that is.

lady beetle rock

As you may see from the closeup above, the stone has multiple cracks, which I didn’t pay big attention to before I started painting it.

Unfortunately the rock is rather soft and breaks off at the cracks pretty easily. It must be some young kind of sedimentary rock. So now the rock is going just to the right side of the beetle image and I have to be careful not to break off any more.

Still I love that kind of rock, reminds me of my passion for rust.

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