About this blog

Welcome to the personal site of Marco Trevissoi (who happens to be the Snake’s best friend).

Is this a Blog, a Business Site or what?

You’ll mainly find a personal portfolio here. For the time being there’s stuff about my personal crafting, painting and other spare time stuff. After doing my thing hidden from the public most of the time I finally felt that the world has to be given the opportunity to get a glimpse of what I was and am at.


I like doing things with my hands, stuff that lasts even after the Mac has been powered down.
This includes modeling, building things, carving vegetables, making jewelry, etc.


Painting, drawing and designing is also an area I like to spend a lot of time at.
Here you’ll find stuff designed and painted on stones, paper, airbrush images, images painted on rocks, etc.


This section mainly consists of lamps right now, but soon will be upgraded with sofas, speaker systems, TV sets and more. Hopefully.

I’ll add a blogroll later on.

Have fun, enjoy the site and please leave a comment if you feel like it  🙂

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