Tiny Driftwood Heron

a tiny heron, watching the skies.

At first this little piece of driftwood should have become (yet another) wing.

Then it changed its mind and made me carve a bird out of it.

Here it is after sanding and before applying some wood oil.

…and with some oil on and polished.

The head and neck were intentionally smoother than the lower body, so they fit more with the untouched wood being the tail feathers.

The heron was then finally fastened with 2k epoxy on a matching stone.

During a big get-together at the camp site I started talking with a friendly man I’ve just met there. About what we both had worked, had as hobbies, about getting older and so on. At one point he said that he deeply felt the absence of doing things by hand nowadays. So I gave this little heron to him the day he left the campground, as a reminder for him that he should follow his flow and try doing more hand crafted stuff again. like in his good old days.

If you (you know who you are) read this: I hope you got back closer to your roots again!

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