Kid’s Scribbles 3: Doggie – iPad Painting

Item number three in the KidsScribbles series.
Check out the KidsScribble post to get more background information about why and how the idea came along. And here are links to the other ones in this series:
– Kid’s Scribbles 1: Chiara’s Horse
– Kid’s Scribbles 2: Dolphin
– Kid’s Scribbles 4: Tweety

A dog. This one needed less guesswork than the horse…
Of course this was supposed to be our good old Golden Retriever, so there you have it.

I stumbled over this scribble while in a business meeting one morning, when I turned a page on my work notebook. It’s nice when you’re reminded of your sweet little girl back home while attending a more or less thrilling briefing 🙂

It’s in the eyes

Funny enough, our dog DOES look like a sneaker with eyes when she’s resting, I guess my daughter captured the dog quite accurately.

As before, the eyes of living creatures mean a lot to me, so I was particularly happy with how this one turned out.


Done on an iPad Air with a dumb stylus (mostly) and a HEX3 JaJa stylus in Procreate




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