Dog iPad Painting


Here you have an  image that I used to test out the best suited apps and their brushes for the way I wanted to paint animal faces, especially the fur and eyes. I started out with Inspire Pro. The tools are great and I love the responsiveness of the paint engine. I then transferred to Procreate when I felt limited by the lack of layers and therefore the possibilities of playing around with only parts of the image.

Procreate on the iPad is a fantastic painting tool also, I especially like the great interface, snappy response and brilliant tools. For hair and fur this is the best app I’ve found up till now.

The Dog is not accurate in any way, which was never intended anyway. The painting evolved from a brown blob to a glove and then the dog. The effects of the digital fur turned out quite nice, so I tried another one with a Horse Eye later on.

If there’s enough interest in the drawing process I might consider uploading a speedpaint video of it. Let me know via a comment.


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