Kid’s Scribbles 1: Chiara’s Horse – iPad Painting

a_horse_is_a_horseThis is the first item in the KidsScribbles series.
Check out the KidsScribble post to get more background information about why and how the idea came along. And here are links to the other ones in this series:
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Ok, here you see my daughter Chiara’s horse.
When I saw the scribble, I asked her what it was. She had to think a short moment, because the dog she drew was looking quite similar, but in the end she was sure it was a horse. Which is fine with me 🙂


The Beige Curse

As with most of these scribble things it was not so easy to give it a realistic look whilst clinging closely to the artist’s sketch. Although I did my best to make it look like a horse, it kinda resembles a Capybara too, but that’s really up to the viewer’s eye.

As you’ll notice the horse’s fur is beige. Sometimes I think I’m under the beige-curse, for most if the animals I recently painted have that golden beige colored fur. Or maybe it’s only because I like the glow of that color since my dog has the same one.


Done on an iPad Air with a dumb stylus in Procreate


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