Kid’s Scribbles 2: Dolphin – iPad Painting

Item number two in the KidsScribbles series.
Check out the KidsScribble post to get more background information about why and how the idea came along. And here are links to the other ones in this series:
– Kid’s Scribbles 1: Chiara’s Horse
– Kid’s Scribbles 3: Doggie
– Kid’s Scribbles 4: Tweety

Here’s the Dolphin. As loads of girls (and grown ups) too, she loves those cute looking mammals. Of course dolphins are always jumping out of the water, and they’re often accompanied by admiring little fish schools.

Already as a scribble it’s really looking sweet, with that dynamic curve of the jumping dolphin.

Admiring little ones

If you look close enough, you’ll notice that those little yellow striped rascals are capable of blowing bubbles horizontally… My daughter insisted on it.

I especially like the way the dolphin’s skin and the water turned out, it’s amazing what’s possible with the paint tools in Procreate on an ipad air!

Done on an iPad Air with a dumb stylus (mostly) and a HEX3 JaJa stylus in Procreate


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