Kid’s Scribbles 4: Tweety – iPad Painting

Item number four in the KidsScribbles series. The last one for the time being.
Check out the KidsScribble post to get more background information about why and how the idea came along. And here are links to the other ones in this series:
– Kid’s Scribbles 1: Chiara’s Horse
– Kid’s Scribbles 2: Dolphin
– Kid’s Scribbles 3: Doggie

Another one I found placed on my work notebook by my daughter, like the dog before. Guess that’s the sunny side of having kids 🙂

Being curious about the one-legged nature of this bird, I got the answer that flamingos also are able to stand on one leg and hide the other one. What else could I add? So, one legged it will be.

It’s in the eyes again

My daughter admitted that the birdie had indeed huge eyes, but being a small bird it always had to be on alert or become another one’s lunch.

Unless I get some more raw material from my kids, that’s the last Kid’s Scribbles post for the time being.

Done on an iPad Air with a dumb stylus (mostly) and a HEX3 JaJa stylus in Procreate



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