Corsica Critters – Meet the Guys

Here is some more detail on the critters I did in Corsica in 2016. They were all made with 2K putty as I outlined in other posts like the one about the tools and materials here.

This stuff hardens pretty fast so I have to be quick. Especially when the animals have legs, like spiders. After they have hardened on the stone or whatever material used, I take them away and paint them with whatever color I have at hand. If it’s watercolor, it looks kinda crappy in the beginning, because watercolor  dries very dull.

This is how they look when they are varnished.

This centipede was a special challenge because of all the legs I had to put in.

The blue and blue/green lizards turned out nicely.

Also the spider and the bug.

My wife got a pot with an artificial plant just for fun, so me, also just for fun, I made it a bit nicer. Of course most people thought it got scarier 😉 For miy part, I realy love the way the caterpillar looks in the real.

Of course they’re also had to be painted lizards on stones.


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