Horse Saddle Stool

My daughter loves horseback riding. And since a Horseback saddle chair was on my (would-love-) to-do list for a while now, there wasn’t a lot of thought needed when i heard that my daughter’s riding instructor was going to close her business and relocate to another country.

Although I’d have preferred Western saddles, I took 3 perfectly aged English saddles as they were the only ones she had for sale. Thinking about it, they’re probably even better suited for the kind of chair I had in mind.

So I bought a saddle stool with rolls, tried it for size and dismantled it in order to fit my saddle on it without destroying it.

As if any one ever wants to put that saddle on a horse again… Whatever.
The hard part was to fit it to the stool saddle without drilling any holes in it. Also to have it fixed so it didn’t move. I ended up bolting some pieces of wood to the stool, upholstering the remaining gaps with foam and then covering it with some cloth I’d taken from a carnival trapper outfit my son had worn some years ago. Then I fastened the saddle with some strapping band. So now it’s removable if necessary.

My daughter loves it. My wife on the other hand thinks the smell of it is disgusting.

Me, I like it. Also the smell. reminds me of Arizona.
If I ever find the time I’ll do the other two as well, maybe I should bolt the saddle on to a welded sub-frame. And then they’d be for sale.





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