Valentines Heart

Valentines Day. As hearts are always welcome on that day, I decided to give Bon Jovi’s great song “Bed or Roses” a go.

No chocolate this time (done that before with the Valentines Chocolate heart).

The Base

As the birds told me (my daughter in this case), my wife wanted a worries gobbler for her key chain. These plush animal things are available in various sizes, look whimsically ugly and are sporting an openable mouth so you may feed them your worries.

Don’t ask me what happens once they digest all that stuff, I’d rather not want to know.

This one had a zipper mouth (would come handy with some humans as well…), you may see it on the image below on the left side.
Plus a set of ear hangers that was also on the list.

Well, after I had found these little presents, it was time to give them an appropriate home. Luckily enough I had kept and rinsed a sushi packaging I bought some weeks earlier. Now, some people call me a hoarder or even a messy sometimes, but usually my collecting mania pays off once I need something to get creative with.
So I got all the other necessary stuff like roses (sorry guys for chopping off your heads), moss rubber and decorating tape.


Next I figured that a worry eater without worries to feed it is doomed to starve within a short period of time, so I printed out some issues I knew my wife was concerned of on a regular basis… Plus some blank ones with just dotted lines, so there’s room for more specific worries. On a side note I’d just like to say that my wife is not constantly worrying about things, although it may seem like it when one reads these lines. Just for the record.


Now I decorated the heart with tape, cut the moss to shape, glued it in and placed the roses in the moss. They held up pretty long btw, something around 10 days.
The worry eater was a bit of a challenge to accommodate, but finally it fit. Then I wrapped the worries with a nice band and placed the ear hangers.


And here is the finished Valentines heart with its transparent cover, just minutes before being draped on the morning table like you see in the image at the very top.
Good thing I’d bought this love band roll about a year ago when I saw it on sale, I knew it would come in handy one day 🙂


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