Astronaut Pumpkin

The sky is not the limit. Neither for mankind nor for pumpkins.This one started out ad a little Hokaido pumpkin (thought it might be fun doing a small one for a change). Hokaidos come in round to oval shapes, and the one I got for carving had kind of a squashed shape. While most of my pumpkins so far were more of the roundish type, I thought I’d give this shape a chance now.

After some thinking around I decided to place it on end and figure out a matching shape.

Pretty soon it was obvious that an astronaut wanted to emerge from within the pumpkin.

After setting the main shape with face, cigar and visor, I started detailing the thing. First the visor was defined, then the lower part of the helmet with the closing mechanism and intercom.


And here he is, ready to take off.


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