Wedding Box


When two people get married in Switzerland, there is a tradition of giving them some kind of box where memorable items relating to their wedding day go in.

For this box we took loads of Fuji instant pictures (like Polaroids) of all the guests, then glued them into an album and let the guests write something (hopefully) meaningful underneath their pics.
We also put some magazines and newspapers from the actual day as well as a good bottle of wine into the box.
The box cover had then to be nailed shut by the groom and bride, without them knowing what was in the case.

After 5 years (their “Wooden Wedding” anniversary) they’re supposed to open the box and relive their wonderful day while cozily sitting at a comfy place, sipping some fine wine.

Yep, this is how we do it here.

The box

To make the box, I used a wooden wine box, sanded off the cover logo and personalized the cover with a print that I transfered from an ink-jet print to the wood. It was great to see the outcome and how it looks a bit like it’s been burned into the wood

See some details below.

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