Chateau Restlé Wine Packaging

I made this wine label and package for our good friend Brigitte’s birthday. As we usually meet her at the campground in Corsica, I decided to include that in the design of the bottle label and the packaging tube.

The wine label was done by scanning a Bordeaux label and erasing & redesigning most of it.

Finding the right font and paper stock was quite a thing, I’m very picky here.

Then instead of the grapevines of the original label I recreated our holiday beach as an antique etching.

For the tube I used a Drambuie whisky tube made of cardboard and designed a new wrapping, honoring Brigitte in French in the text below the lower red band.

The best thing with this packaging gig was when I gave it to her 🙂

And also when many of the other birthday party guests didn’t realize it was a custom, hand made thing.



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