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Carved Driftwood Wings

One year in our annual summer holiday on the island of Corsica I got obsessed with carving wings.

Grinning Driftwood Shark

One of my favorite things is walking around and consciously watching for things that resemble something waiting to be brought to light.

Driftwood Giant

One of the good things about being lazy at the beach in Corsica is that it gives me a lot of creative …

Driftwood Dog

When I found this driftwood branch, I immediately saw the dog head in it.

Dirftwood Rastabird

Anther one waiting to be uncovered. You probably know how it is when you watch the clouds and see animals, faces or …

Driftwood Turkey

This piece of driftwood has been waiting for me at the beach in Corsica.

Scream Pumpkin

The Viking pumpkin was a great size to work at, so I wanted to do another biggie.

Viking Pumpkin

The viking was a big again one for a change. This guy really needs to visit a hair saloon. And I loved …

Heart of Stone

It’s been years since I haven’t been carving soap stone, so when my daughter did some candle holders last Christmas, I decided …

Starfish Pumpkin

The Starfish Pumpkin (November 2013) was created as a surprise display at my current employer’s entry hall. Our Company logo contains a …

Goblin Pumpkin

I did this guy in 2009. A little more advanced than the 2006 one. Maybe that’s from the others I did in …

Pumpkin Carving

  Admiring great carved pumpkins is one thing. Trying to get something that somehow resembles the guru’s stuff is something else. Especially …

Veggie carving tools

The early days When I started out I was using regular knives, veggie peelers and melon ball spoons. That was it. Not …

Goblin Pumpkin

Things got a little better after I started using some DIY carving knives. Still not as great as I liked it to …