Viking Pumpkin


The viking was a big again one for a change. This guy really needs to visit a hair saloon.
And I loved carving the hair, therefore it was a blessing he didn’t have them cut 🙂

As I’ve done before, this guy got a starfish on his head, so I could take him to work and put him on display without having to worry that someone would complain about it being inappropriate for a banking software company. Plus it’s a cool when these things don’t rot away on my balcony, but bring smiles on the faces of many people within their short lifespan.

The Viking actually made it to the stock holders annual meeting of my employer, which didn’t pay out for me (since I don’t posses any of their stocks), but word has it that the guys there liked it. I didn’t get a lot of feedback though, but I guess that’s the story of many artists anyway. They only get famous once they’re dead 😉

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