Emergency Bears – Ring Pull Can #2

I love the concept of those ring pull cans 🙂
This one was made as a farewell present for a work colleague. If you’re fluent in Berne-German, you may get the hint on the label.

For all others just that much: She is a very ambitious and good mountain climber, and these guys need a backup in case all ropes let loose. Or in case of hyperglycemia.

Therefore the can has some very specific medication packed in. I’d love to see her face when she opens this one. Her next big trip will take her to Mount Kenya, sure would make a great survival kit addition there.

Actually I’m thinking of a note I’m gonna attach to all the can resents I make, asking the presentees to take a picture of themselves when they open the can (or just shortly after) and send it to me. Would be great to accompany each post with the matching snapshot 🙂

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