Real Robot Head @ Maker Faire

Yesterday I attended the Zurich Mini Maker Faire. It took place at the Dynamo, a culture and maker location.

There were loads of interesting booths and people, but after about one and a half hours  I decided to go to Gunnar, wh was supervising the welding hands-on program. I felt the need to weld some stuff.

Gunnar already had started assembling a robot which the visitors could complete, but with the bigger part of participants being kids, it was more basic welds on metal plates in 10 minute intervals. So he was quite happy with me contributing to his build.

In the end I managed to get a head done from the few scrap metal pieces I found.

Funny enough, it kinda resembles this guy here (link)

I first wanted to take it home, but decided to let Gunnar have it. I hope it has a good life here.


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