Driftwood – mine is mostly hand picked at the island of Corsica in the Mediterranean sea. The place where French emperor Napoleon 1st was born. Also the sand I use for my installations. Check out the place here (link to follow).

Hunting for nice pieces is an integral part of each holiday we spend there. It’s got a meditative quality, scanning the beach and river borders for some uniquely shaped wooden debris, walking with your head pointing down and concentrating on one big mission – another great gnarly chunk of old wood. It’s fascinating to see the structure of a piece of wood or root being exposed to the forces of water. Once the wood has been immersed in the water for some time, the pulpy parts get pretty soft, so when it gets stuck in between some rocks, the water keeps on filing away at it, leaving the more rigid parts. Cause the rivers in Corsica (and I guess elsewhere too) have a tremendous power, this leads to wooden pieces one might only achieve imitating with a sandblaster, if at all. Up until now there’s been only (documented) lamps and candle holders, but since my stock consists of quite a number of raw pieces, expect to see more here with time. Especially some huge ones… Like the ones that got me into trouble when I filled up a bigger part of our family van with them on the way home 🙂

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