Flowers – iPhone Painting


If you ever get close to Davie, south Florida, make sure to visit the beautiful Flamingo Gardens, a non-profit nature reserve and botanical garden.

It was built by Floyd L. and Jane Wray, who came to Florida in 1925 and were deeply intrigued with the horticultural possibilities of the subtropical locale.
It sports all sorts of plants, trees and animals. Of course some Flaingoes, but also numerous Peacocks and lots of other birds.
The old Wright mansion has been transformed into a museum, and the whole place is a well of calmness. Check it out here:

I especially loved the tree with these great looking orange blossoms, looked like it was hung all over with tiny orange chinese lanterns. I couldn’t find out the name of the treee, so if you do know, please let me know in the comments here so I may add it later on.


The water lily image above was not painted at Flamingo Gardens, but since the post title says “flowers”, there had to be more than one image 😉

Done on an iPhone 4 with an Adonit Jot stylus in Inspire Pro.


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