The Leak – iPad Painting


A doodle that turned into a drawing as well.

On one hand I hate the long time I use to commute, but on the other hand (thanks the fact that I’m using public transportation) I usually have some time to kill with digital painting, and this is a fine example for that.

You probably didn’t know where the expression “to take a leak” comes from.
Well, here goes: As good informed sources told me once, that saying comes from the future, where robots also have dogs. When they have to do their small (or big) business, they leave an oily puddle behind, hence these little guys (which are built mostly into old oil cans) look like they have a leak.

The expression was then made popular in the 1960s by time travelers jumping back to Woodstock.

Here I especially like the way the Oilfordshire Beagle turned out 🙂
That’s also thanks to the amazing procreate app, which lets me intuitively create textured areas like rust.


If you’re interested in the creative/drawing process that preceds my paintings, consider watching the speedpaint video below. Let me know what you think 🙂

Also note the way that thing evolved, from a bearded viking I had in mind at first (until 26 seconds into the speedpaint video) to the final robot.

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