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Carved Driftwood Wings

One year in our annual summer holiday on the island of Corsica I got obsessed with carving wings.

Grinning Driftwood Shark

One of my favorite things is walking around and consciously watching for things that resemble something waiting to be brought to light.

Driftwood Giant

One of the good things about being lazy at the beach in Corsica is that it gives me a lot of creative …

Driftwood Fish

I got this piece of driftwood from our friends Brigitte and Helmut in Corsica.

Dirftwood Rastabird

Anther one waiting to be uncovered. You probably know how it is when you watch the clouds and see animals, faces or …

Driftwood Turkey

This piece of driftwood has been waiting for me at the beach in Corsica.

Driftwood windlight

A small tea light lamp that came together from a nice piece of driftwood and some rusty metal findings from the beach.


Driftwood – mine is mostly hand picked at the island of Corsica in the Mediterranean sea. The place where French emperor Napoleon …

Driftwood Table Candle Light

As with many projects, this one finally got the initial kick by the fact that I needed a nice birthday present for …

Driftwood Wall Lights

I’m always looking for driftwood that has a natural shape confirming with my wall lamp preferences. It’s not very common to find …