Happy Hipster Hockey Monk

This here is a farewell gift created for a dear co-worker of mine.

He came from the Swiss Canton of Glarus and was frequently asking me for sweets (’cause he knew I always have a big stash of all sorts if stuff at work). So when he left I made him this jar full of gummy bears and other yummy stuff so he didn’t have to starve at his new job.

This is the flag of the canton of Glarus, it shows a monk called Fridolin.

Now since my friend was wearing beard and glasses (lovingly surnamed hipster…), the monk had to look like this too. And of course what he was carrying was a laptop computer, not a bible. And then the staff had to go for an ice hockey stick, since he is a great ice hockey player.

The jar was about 10 inches high and was very well received 🙂

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