Harley Folding Table

Another one I came across while searching for other stuff in my archives:
A small table from 2014 that can be hung on a garage wall and, as it’s a rather small garage, can be folded away downwards.

The Table was commissioned (so to say) by my friend Matthias (Maettu), who wanted to give it to his friend Dirk as a 50th birthday present.

It started with the image below.

Because of the surprise factor he wanted to achieve he could only take the images clandestine, and it had to be done quick. Therefore they weren’t too god a material to start with. Too many unwanted reflections on the chrome and glass, colors not optimal, etc

So I fired up photoshop and made it nice and shiny again. The Speedo, miles counters and logo text had to be changed in order to reflect the birthday event. So after quite some pixel bending it turned out like this:

The needle is at 50, the total and daily tachometer have the birth- and actual year, the Harley lettering was replaced by something more appropriate for a Panhead Harley rider and the reflections have been reduced heavily.
His name is “Dirk”, btw. I also had people reading the letter “r” as a “c”…

Then all was set up on a lightened road surface texture background and a dark wrought-iron-style band going to the lower edge holding  Maettu’s name and my logo. I like it a little understated. Finally I had it printed on vinyl adhesive foil.

And this is how it looked after applying it.

Maettu screwed on a sheet of acrylic glass as protection and also added a swiveling ashtray. Unfortunately I couldn’t get any pics of the final thing, guess their relationship somehow got twisted a little. Anyway, I loved doing it just fr the sake of it anyway.





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