Gold Edge Solution Farewell Gift

This is actually how the farewell gift craze of mine started.

When my education department manager and friend with whom I worked for almost a decade found a new challenge I wanted to give him nice farewell gift reminding him a little of the teasing fun we had going on quite often. Unfortunately there aren’t too many pics of this gift.

The whole thing came about because of our disagreement from time to time about how things have to go out to a client. To him it was good enough, I on the the other hand thought it was under what the client was entitled to. So his argument then was always that what I was doing was a gold edge solution 😉

Of course he would also had gotten a standard farewell thing, like a basket with fine food from a delikatessen nearby or a voucher for a sports store or the likes. With our history in mind I could not let get him away like that.

I went and bought a Swiss liquor specialty: A sweet cinnamon liquor with real gold flakes.

Of course that alone would also – in my eyes – be close to a standard gift. Therefore made a custom label. I did some research on how to make cool transparent labels and found a great solution on the web: Print it out in reverse on a laser printer and stick transparent packing tape on it. Then soak it in warm water for some minutes and slowly, slowly and gently rub the paper from the sticky tape side.

Let dry completely (without getting any crap on it) and, voila, a transparent sticker!

Then the whole thing went into a box (which I luckily found in a store). For padding I used one of our company’s Tshirts, so the company name showed through from behind.

Yeah, a proper gold edge solution. One last time 🙂

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