Driftwood Wall Lights


I’m always looking for driftwood that has a natural shape confirming with my wall lamp preferences. It’s not very common to find appropriate pieces. Usually it takes a lot of walking with my eyes fixed to the ground, which results in me being a redneck by the evening…

Anyway, once I’ve got one, I put it in the big box stashed under the trailer home we live in while on the campground in Corsica. That way the discussions about why I’ve got to fill half the car with half of the island’s junk is postponed until the day we have to pack up for the return trip… 😉

Back home, I cut out a saw a hole big enough for a small tea light candle, prepare an individually shaped metal back plate (so the lamp is adjustable angularly) and that’s it.

I’m aware of the issue about having an open flame near a piece of driftwood –  but to me it seems that these LED tea lights which I’ve tried out never really did look right.

Therefore coming up is a version with some kind of either fire retarding agent which the wood will be impregnated with or some sort of flame constrainer. On the other hand I’ve recently read that wood which has been laying in salt water for a longer time is almost unburnable, gotta do a real life test one of these days

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