Alaska Plate – Airbrush on Leather

There are (almost) always good things hiding behind stuff.

Like when your last chewing gum drops out of your mouth and on the barber’s floor; and when you bend down to pick it up you find 2 sealed brand new packs of Hubba Bubba a customer forgot last week.
Or so.
Hope you get what I want to bring around once you see the canvas for this license plate airbrush image.

Cutting it up

I did this piece for my girlfriend at the time.
She was a big admirer of the Alaska state and so I did a license plate with her name and birth year on the back of a nice black leather jacket. After we split she cut out the plate painting, threw the jacket away and gave me the cut out leather piece.

alaska licenese plate airbrush on leather

I still don’t really get if it was just intended as “Here, butt hole, that’s what I do to the crap I got from you” or if there was an unspoken and unconscious “But you put so much love and work into it, I just can’t throw it away” added.

Cutting out well is better than sewing up well.
Scottish Proverb

Anyway, as I said in the beginning, wherever there’s a shadow, there must be a light belonging to it.
And therefore I’m really really happy I got that painting back, ’cause it doesn’t only remind me of breaking up but also of the good times I lived through before that.

And because the plate back where it belongs, by his Good Ole Dad.

Here are some closeups of the plate and an image for size comparison.

alaska licenese plate airbrush on leather, detail 2 alaska licenese plate airbrush on leather, detail 1 alaska licenese plate airbrush on leather, size reference
Rotring Aerograph white color and MagiColor black airbrush ink,
painted using a Rotring Airbrush
See pencil for size comparison

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