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Welcome to snake’s latest posts!

Great Colored Shark

Here is another project that came out of my Random Acts of Kindness / Mindfulness mindset.

Carved Driftwood Wings

One year in our annual summer holiday on the island of Corsica I got obsessed with carving wings.

Orange Toon Pickup

This is one in a series of some cartoony cars with overemphasized features.

Grinning Driftwood Shark

One of my favorite things is walking around and consciously watching for things that resemble something waiting to be brought to light.

Welded Wing

A little while ago I decided to transform some metal scrapings to something nicer.

Ring Pull Tin: Army Style

As I am trying to work through the heap of stuff I haven’t published yet, here comes the Army style ring pull …

Driftwood Giant

One of the good things about being lazy at the beach in Corsica is that it gives me a lot of creative …

Driftwood Fish

I got this piece of driftwood from our friends Brigitte and Helmut in Corsica.